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Heavily inspired by the films I watched as a child, I’ve always sought to transport viewers into an entirely new world, much as my early childhood movies did for me. As such, I consider myself a storyteller through my art. I strive to produce models that can be read like a book, giving a detailed narrative of the subject, helping it come to life so that it ceases to be merely a 3D model and becomes real. When something of mine, be it a prop, environment or other hard surface model, is viewed almost as a character itself or an extension of larger story, that is when I feel the greatest sense of accomplishment.

I try to work as cleanly and precisely as possible, adding just enough detail without making things too busy or cluttered. The finer details are where I really begin enjoying myself. After all, the smallest of details can add depth, character and have a major impact. I accomplish this mainly through high resolution modeling, but can and do use lighting and textures when called for. Whatever the situation calls for to make each piece the best it can be.

I find influence in several different mediums, including digital artwork, set design and writing. For instance, Dan Hennah was the Production Designer on The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, with Ra Vincent and Simon Bright in charge of Set Decoration. Bilbo’s hobbit house is a stellar example of what I seek with my own work. Every object on that set is intended to help reinforce Bilbo’s character and story. Similarly, Hidetaka Miyazaki (director of the video games Demon Souls & Dark Souls) created a rich, lavish world of lore that would make Tolkien proud. Perhaps not the most traditional sources of inspiration for a 3D artist, but it’s what helps shape my personal style.






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